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YOURCERA leads the transition of  



Dental Clinics
And Laboratories
Into Digital Dentistry.

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What You Need To Know About Our Company

We come from a large-scale dental lab were founded in 2005 in China. We have used most of the world’s brands of dental products and combined all the advantages to develop yourcera product series; we understand teeth better than all manufacturers!

We are one of the world’s leading dental companies. Our comprehensive solutions are helping improve oral health around the world. Just like our clients, we never stand still

What Services We Offer For You

Professional manufacturer of dental equipment, materials and tools, helping to digitally upgrade dentistry worldwide

Digital Dental Solutions

Professional technical team helps you develop a digital dental upgrade plan to help you solve your valuable time

Digital Dental Products

Offer a full suite of digital dental products to help you become the best dental clinic or lab in your area

Hassle-free service

Provide one-to-one engineer service guidance to solve problems in use in a timely manner

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