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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about digital CAD/CAM dental solution, please contact us. Whether it is solution construction or product selection, we can give you professional guidance! !

The CAD/CAM digital dental solution is a solution that uses CAD software technology to design restorations and combines CAM technology with dental restoration processing to achieve rapid denture repair.

Building a digital dental system includes software and hardware. The software part includes CAD and CAM software. The hardware includes dental scanners, 3D printers, dental milling machines, dental sintering furnaces and other equipment. With the combination of these software and hardware, we can produce it ourselves. Denture restoration! !

1. Use a dental scanner to sample the patient’s teeth.

2. Use CAD software to design the restoration according to the patient’s actual condition and export the document of the restoration. At the same time, use a 3D printer to print the patient’s tooth model.

3. Use CAM software to program the restoration file.

4. Use a dental milling machine to process the restoration

5. Modify the restoration and sinter the crystallization

6. Try on the restoration on the model and refine it

7. Install the restoration on the patient

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