Why do doctors always recommend all-ceramic teeth?

Having clean and beautiful teeth is one of the top ten health for modern people, one of the status symbols, and one of the manifestations of a noble quality of life. For a long time, porcelain teeth have been a fast and effective restoration. A method for teeth, but the metal ions of metal porcelain teeth will have adverse reactions to the human body, such as black gums, gum bleeding and shrinkage, etc. Due to the existence of metal inner crowns, the light transmittance, color and shape are different from those of natural teeth. There is a big difference, and it will produce a blue-gray effect under the light. At the same time, metal-porcelain teeth are unstable under the action of bacteria in the liquid oral acid-base environment, and metal interferes with patients during CT MRI. Therefore, the dental medical community has been working hard to change this state. The latest porcelain teeth without metal copings – zirconia all-ceramic series.

Zirconia all-ceramic teeth are the product of the development of digital dental solutions. Through the latest 3D digital technology, he scans and samples through intraoral scanners, prints dental molds through 3D printers, and finally processes suitable teeth through milling machines. The process has the characteristics of short time, high accuracy and high degree of tooth fit, and has been favored by patients around the world!

Is zirconia safe?

Zirconia for medical and dental use is excellent in terms of biosafety. Over the years, a large number of experiments and clinical cases have proved that zirconia has no toxic damage to bone and soft tissue cells. There were no reports of allergic reactions.

1. The patient is worried about whether zirconia is radioactive. In fact, the zircon derived from zirconia needs to undergo multiple steps such as purification treatment and powder processing. The processing process will remove all impurities. The standards of the State Food and Drug Administration have strict standards for all-ceramic materials on the market, and they can only be used as medical materials after meeting the requirements of radioactive experiments. And not only have requirements for zirconia but also have the same radioactive qualification requirements for decorative porcelain, alumina, glass ceramics, etc. Experiments show that the radioactivity of pure zirconia powder is not only lower than that of glass ceramics but even lower than that of human bone tissue.

2. Zirconia is sometimes mistaken for a type of metal. This is a chemical concept that confuses metal elements and metals. Zirconia is not zirconium metal or zircon. Although it contains metal elements, it is an oxide ceramic. This is like the difference between sodium chloride (the chemical constituent of table salt) and metallic sodium.

                          Zirconia Properties

  •                                                                Indications
  • 1. Zirconia porcelain teeth:
  • Cosmetic teeth, severe tetracycline teeth, fluorosis teeth, deformed teeth, discolored teeth, etc. People who are allergic to metal or plastic can make single crowns and bridges for front and rear teeth.
  • 2. Full zirconium oxide:
  • ①Case of night grinding
  •  ②Case of insufficient space for preparation of abutment teeth
  • ③ Implant cases 
  • ④ Other easy-to-collapse porcelain cases, etc…

Some friends are no strangers to seeing the above dialogue

Some patients have consulted

Doctors have responded

Why do so many dentists recommend all-ceramic teeth?

All-ceramic teeth are more expensive than other porcelain teeth

Could it be that this is a pit?

This conclusion is drawn from the price difference alone

The dentist said we don’t carry the pot

If you want to be cheap

also very simple

Implant a nickel-chromium alloy porcelain tooth directly on the affected tooth

It’s just that this tooth will have a bad fate in the future.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for

The reason why all-ceramic teeth are so expensivemmust be unique

The son of the porcelain tooth family – all-ceramic teeth

All-ceramic tooth is to make an inner crown on the treated tooth root. The inner crown is a layer of all-ceramic transparent supporting skeleton, and then a layer of porcelain powder similar to the color of natural teeth is baked on its outer crown surface, and finally bonded On the teeth, it is a high-tech denture method that has only appeared in recent years.

At present, there are many types of all-ceramic dental materials, such as leucite, lithium-based porcelain, alumina, zirconia, etc., and the production methods are different, such as infiltration ceramics, hot die casting porcelain, porcelain deposition, computer-aided design and computer-aided production. However, after many types of comparisons, zirconia all-ceramic teeth have the highest bending strength, so it finally stands out, is accepted by more and more patients and doctors, and is welcomed by the world.

                                                Metal copy porcelain teeth

Metal all-ceramic crowns are accepted by most patients because of their good strength, but it has its fatal shortcomings. The metal base of all-ceramic metal teeth is easily oxidized to form gray oxides, which are scattered and deposited on the edge of the gums, causing the gums to turn gray and affecting the appearance. At the same time, they have a strong stimulating effect on the gums. Individual patients may also experience gum swelling, bleeding, allergies, etc. Symptoms, it is difficult to meet clinical requirements.

Due to the existence of the metal base crown, the color of the metal all-ceramic crown must be covered with opaque porcelain, so that the all-ceramic crown can block the light to a certain extent, thus seriously affecting the appearance of the teeth.

                                                 All-ceramic dental zirconia

At present, there are many types of all-ceramic dental materials, such as leucite, lithium-based porcelain, alumina, zirconia, etc., and the production methods are different, such as infiltration ceramics, hot pressure casting ceramics, porcelain deposition, computer-aided design and computer-aided design. However, in comparison, among all all-ceramic restoration materials, zirconia all-ceramic has the highest flexural strength, so it is accepted by more and more patients and doctors, and is welcomed by the world.

Zirconium dioxide all-ceramic crowns have their own unique advantages. Since there is no metal bottom crown, the restoration has certain permeability and aesthetics, thus providing a guarantee for aesthetic restoration. At the same time, it has no irritating effect on the gums, and patients will not experience gingival swelling, bleeding, allergies and other symptoms, which perfectly meets the clinical requirements, so it is called the “new favorite” among all-ceramic teeth.

                        Advantages of zirconia all-ceramic teeth

❶ Excellent mechanical properties

It has a bending strength of more than 900MPa, so it can also be used for the restoration of posterior teeth and porcelain bridges with more than 6 units.

❷ Good biocompatibility

The CRAI clinical evaluation report shows that the zirconia all-ceramic crown itself has no metal, and its zirconia all-ceramic crown repair can exclude metal allergic reactions, and at the same time has good biocompatibility, so it is better than various types of biocompatibility. Metal alloys, including gold materials.

❸ Zirconium block does not block X-rays

After the zirconia all-ceramic teeth are inlaid, if you need to perform X-ray, CT, and nuclear magnetic resonance examinations in the future, you do not need to remove the dentures, because zirconia does not block X-rays, saving a lot of trouble.

❹ Non-metallic materials are safer

Zirconium block is the only mineral present in nature in the form of baddeleyite, which does not contain metal components, and is safer after being cleaned and processed by medical zirconia.

❺ Ultra-high strength and density

Zirconium disc  is widely used, especially in high-precision instruments, such as aviation equipment, because of its ultra-high strength and density. Among them, the unique crack resistance and strong curing after cracking can support more than 6 units of porcelain bridges, thus solving the problem that all all-ceramic systems cannot be used as long bridges.

❻ Perfect shade

Since the color of the base crown of the structural ceramic is white, the neck of the porcelain tooth will not become dark and dark for a period of time after the porcelain tooth is inserted, thus solving the problem that the metal porcelain tooth crown is difficult to solve.

❼ Healthy Biomaterials

Zirconium dioxide is an excellent high-tech biological material with excellent biocompatibility, no irritation to the gums, no allergic reaction, and is very suitable for the oral cavity.

❽ High-tech quality

Zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth are made by using the most advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning in the world, and finally controlled by computer-aided program grinding, showing the noble and luxurious quality.

Zirconium  all-ceramic teeth have their own unique advantages. Since there is no metal bottom crown, the restoration has a certain permeability and aesthetics, so it provides a guarantee for aesthetic restoration. At the same time, it has no irritating effect on the gums, avoids the symptoms of gingival allergy and bleeding, and meets the clinical requirements.

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