Yourcera glass ceramic aesthetic restoration case

Same-day delivery can be achieved by machining teeth with a dedicated dental milling machine for glass ceramicsWith the development of material technology, glass ceramics are more and more widely used in dental aesthetics. Glass ceramics dental restoration has the following advantages:

1. The hardness is close to real teeth, and it has a protective effect on the original teeth

2. Short repair time, can be repaired on the same day

3. High transparency, can be used for aesthetic restoration of dental veneers

4. Can replace zirconia for the production of dental implant crowns

Today, I will share with you a few cases of dental aesthetics. The aesthetic value of glass ceramic teeth is vividly displayed.

Image courtesy of the Dental Technicians’s Home

Dental materials

Glass-ceramics are polycrystalline materials formed by controlling the nucleation and growth of crystal phases within the glass.

Same-day delivery can be achieved by machining teeth with a dedicated dental milling machine  Y-5w for glass ceramics

glass ceramic teeth /glass teeth

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